This free system is offered to make it easier for you to judge the usefulness of the BDsafe approach in your own context.

(See comments at the end for change log)

Document DT2_BDsafe_Overview.pdf
Document DT2_BDsafe_User_Guide.pdf
Install Pack DT2_BDsafe Installation Pack bdsafe_20120630_20_126.tgz

This system version has the following limitations,
  1. Max 20,000 data files per day per server.
  2. Max 10 indexed fields.
  3. No system limit on number of records processed.
  4. No system limit on number of days stored.
We believe this free system can be extremely useful in itself. It does not however, present the full scope and potential of the BDsafe system.

30th June
The installation pack has been updated. The quick_install script has been updated to avoid an error in certain circumstances.
(The previous pack was bdsafe_20120629_20_125.tgz)